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Attending to an older adult’s health, wellness, and lifestyle needs can feel all-consuming and isolating. KINUMI offers plans for both individuals and group customers to serve active older adults and the people who love and care for them.

Whether you are looking for a plan for yourself or your loved one or an employer, choose the type of plan below to learn more.


Can I enroll my parent or another person in the KINUMI community?

Yes, select the "Enroll Now" button on the KINUMI website. You will see an option to enroll a loved one in KINUMI. The website will ask for basic contact information for you and your loved one. Once you complete the enrolment process our KINUMI Care Team will reach out to your loved one to set up a Welcome Call and assist them with becoming part of the KINUMI Community

What if I want to provide KINUMI as a benefit for my employees? How does that work?

With over 40 million people taking care of aging loved ones while also coordinating their own lives and careers, there’s often a conflict in priorities that has led to annual workforce productivity losses worth $32 billion. KINUMI can be added to your benefits package to provide your employees a resource to support their caregiving needs. Each group plan is customized to meet your needs. Please contact us at to schedule a call with our business development team to learn more.

How can KINUMI help with my medical appointments?

Your KINUMI Care Team provides Medical Coordination: we can help you find doctors in your area that work with your insurance, and are accepting new patients. If you have a doctor identified, your KINUMI Care Team can schedule an appointment for you and assist you with appointment logistics such as ensuring you have transportation. We do not receive health information beyond what a client would like to share during a coaching session. If clients express confusion about what occurred during their medical appointment, or post appointment instructions we will help them determine the steps they need to take with their doctor(s) to be sure they understand their health information.

How do you ensure the service vendors you recommend provide quality service?

Prior to working with any vendor we ensure they have an A rating or better with the Better Business Bureau and we review all publicly available ratings. We also speak personally with the vendor about the KINUMI Community service needs and request references which we speak to personally. As our KINUMI Community begins to work with the vendor we request feedback on every vendor interaction, follow up on all feedback, and ultimately remove any vendors that do not meet our service standards. If you have a less than satisfactory experience with a KINUMI recommended vendor we will make it right.

How do I ask KINUMI to help me set up an activity or service?

KINUMI has an omnichannel platform so that you can submit a service request in various ways – through the client dashboard or via text, email or by phone. Once you have logged into your KINUMI client dashboard you can see the types of services you can request and a form to complete to contact Your Care Team with basic information about the request you would like to make. If you prefer not to use the KINUMI dashboard form, you may also send an email to, or text, email of talk to your CareConcierge directly.

What if I forget my KINUMI password?

If you have forgotten your password, there is a place to indicate you do not remember your password as part of the login process. You enter your email press and you will be sent password reset instructions. If this does not work, please contact your Care Team at